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Openings and Closings


Pool Openings

  • Prices starting at $275 for In-Ground Pools & $175 for Above-Ground Pools

  • General Procedures included within Opening service:
    -Removal of leaves & other debris on pool cover
    -Pump removal of water on pool cover (if solid cover)   
  • -Empty & clean all waterbags (if solid cover)
  • -Lower safety cover anchors (if safety cover)                
    -Removal, thorough cleaning, folding of pool cover
    -Removal of winter plugs & installation of eye ball fittings
    -Installation of ladders, diving board and other pool accessories
    -Reassembly of system equipment
    -System start-up & thorough system check for water flow/pressure/leaks
    -Initial vacuum service to remove leaves and debris*
    -Water analysis and addition of any necessary chemicals
    -Basic cleaning of deck and surrounding patio area


*Additional vacuum service provided at an additional discounted rate.

For pricing, contracts, or more information on pool closing and pool opening services, contact us


Pool Closings

Spring is here so summer is near, fall and winter are far behind us!  Check back later in the season for our full list of pool closing prices!

  • -Lowering of water to proper winterization levels
    -Blowout and winterize all intake and return lines
    -Final Cleanout of Pool (Including Vacuum Service and Thorough Surface Cleaning)
    -Disassembly and Winterization of all System Equipment
    -Addition of Winterizing Chemicals
    -Disassembly and storage of all ladders, diving boards, and all misc. accessories
    -Turn Up All Safety Cover Anchors and Cover Pool with Safety Cover
    -Fill All Water Bags and Cover Pool with Solid Cover

For pricing, contracts, or more information on pool closing and pool opening services, contact us

**Please note that the above services are included in our All Inclusive Package.


Frequently Asked Questions

The most frequently asked questions we get on pool openings or closing, are "when is the right time to open or close my pool?" and "how can I prevent my pool from being green in the spring?"

When to open and close is really up to you.  We recommend having the pool closed before we have freezing temperatures.  Although the plumbing will be fine with the pump on, there is always the risk of losing power which could lead to serious damage to the pool’s filtration equipment.

The best way to prevent your pool from being green or black in the spring is to open your pool in early spring such as April and to close your pool when the water temp is 65 degrees or less.  When the water temp is below 65, the algae growth will be minimal or nonexistent.  So, if you can open the pool before the water rises above 65, you can start the equipment and start balancing the water.  At this time, turning the heater on is not necessary, and the pool will require very few chemicals.  In most cases, the added cost of running the pump an extra month will be far less than the amount of chemicals needed to clear a green or black pool.



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